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Medical emergency in Haiti :
DON’T SEND medications for recovery
Communiqué ACTED, CHMP, French Red Cross, MDM, Memisa, MSF, PAH, PHI, ReMeD
Several days after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, medical and pharmaceutical associations ACTED, CHMP, the French Red Cross, MDM, MSF, PAH, PHI and ReMeD call people to NOT SEND non-utilized medications (“MNU”) for recovery.
In emergency situations, not all medications are useful
Sending non-utilized medications creates more problems than it solves. In a zone already inundated with aid coming from every corner of the world, the intake, management and distributions of the medication do nothing but add their troubles (instructions in different languages, close expiration dates, expired medications, opened bottles, half-empty bottles, etc.). The lack of medical personnel on the ground and the nature of the emergency situation require good quality medications that are specific to local needs (intravenous antibiotics, perfusions, etc.).
“NO” to a second tsunami of non-utilized medications!
At the time of the tsunami that battered Indonesia in December of 2004, tons of medications were transported, and then destroyed. A survey conducted by Pharmacists without Frontiers in 2005...READ MORE.
This NGO-consortium consists of DIFÄM from Germany, ReMeD from France, Prosalus from Spain and the Wemos Foundation.
The purpose of this Web-site is to offer appropriate information about issues relating to the quality of drug donations, in an effort to implement the interagency guidelines for drug donations.
The European Commission, DGVIII, the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Netherlands Development Assistance (NeDA) Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are among the founding members of this initiative.

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